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Bob Stewart is an experienced operator of On-Campus Uniform Stores, operating in Victoria, NSW and the ACT.

We understand that all schools are unique and have different needs.  Bob Stewart can tailor a uniform solution to best meet the needs of the school.  

We are very conscious that for many students and parents the experience of buying their uniform for the first time impacts strongly on their first impression of their new school.  It is essential that this be a pleasant, friendly and professional experience.

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Embroidery for Blazers

My school has given my son / daughter an award to be put on his/her blazer. What do I need to do?

Simply bring your son or daughter’s Blazer into your usual Bob Stewart store or outlet. Please make sure:

  • That the blazer has been dry cleaned, keeping the dry cleaning tag and bag attached (for occupational health and safety reasons)

  • That the blazer is clearly named

If your school has sent you paperwork regarding the award please bring it with you.

What is involved in having the embroidery done?

When you bring your Blazer in we will create an order for you so we can trace your job through each stage of the process.

Awards are embroidered onto the pocket with computerised technology with designs pre-approved by the school.

How long does all that take?

Please allow 15 business days to complete the embroidery process, however peak periods may take longer.  We are unable to guarantee shorter completion times.

 Please note blazers are to be collected from the same store they are submitted.  For all enquires please phone your usual store, or email the following address:


To ensure the best chance possible that blazers are back in time for Term 2 commencement, we kindly ask that all dry cleaned blazers be submitted by Monday 29th March 2021.  Blazers, and any worn garments requiring alterations (including embroidery), must have a dry cleaning tag attached and be in the original dry-cleaning bag.  This is an essential measure to protect the wellbeing of staff, for now and the foreseeable future.

What does it cost?

Embroidery of individual insignias are prices between $13.50 - $16.00 with the cost of sewing the pocket back on the blazer at $35.

Some school awards require a new pocket be used. These special award pockets cost from $20 to $80 each (excluding the cost of sewing on the pocket) Re-embroidery of insignias onto the new pocket will be charged at costs stated above.

The policy of some schools is that a higher level award for the same activity replaces a lower level award on the pocket. In this instance the lower level award must be removed is removed by hand at the cost of $15 before the higher level award can be embroidered.

For example: John is a good footballer. He has been previously awarded a silver insignia “XVIII” for Football. John has now received a gold award for football. In this case we have to remove the silver “XVIII” before we can embroider “XVIII” in gold.

I am a good sewer. Can I sew the pocket on myself? (Some friends or relatives are great sewers too!)

We are happy for you to sew the pocket on yourself. 

Is the pocket sewn back onto the blazer exactly as it was?

For the pocket to be sewn back onto the blazer exactly as it was it has to be hand sewn. Due to cost and time constraints we are unable to offer hand sewing of pockets. If you would prefer to have your pocket hand sewn please let us know when you bring your blazer in. We will organize the embroidery. You can then take the blazer to the tailor of your choice for hand sewing.


Pocket machine stitched

Pocket hand stitched



We now supply iron on name labels.  

25 Tapes


50 Tapes


100 Tapes




Bob Stewart can design and source team uniforms to your specifications including screen printing, heat seals, and embroidery.

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